the endless list of stunning female characters: Gilda (“Gilda”, 1946)

I hated her so I couldn’t get her out of my mind for a minute.

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The Women (1939) dir. George Cukor

No doubles were used in the fight sequence between the characters of Paulette Goddard and Rosalind Russell. At the end of the scene, Rosalind bites Paulette so hard it resulted with a permanent scar, the actresses remained friends.

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The Legend of Hell House (1973)

Wednesday Sep 9 @ 11:14pm

I keep hearing a K/ate N/ash (putting those slashes in so it doesn’t go in the tags with her name in it) song at work called “Doo-Wah-Doo” and it’s really awful and disheartening to me because she’s seen as some influence for (white) feminists these days, especially here on tumblr, when her lyrics are just as offensive as Taylor Swift’s “You Belong to Me” since it’s pratically written with the same theme of “I’m so much better than that girl I’m jealous of because she’s your girlfriend and I’m not even though I somehow deserve you because I’m seemingly more book smart and *~quirky~* than that slut” except it’s somehow more accepting because she’s trying to revive some riot grrl vibe these days.

It’s not cool, it’s annoying, and hypocritical, and incredibly juvenile.

Wednesday Sep 9 @ 10:58pm


sick and tired of trying to catch some shuteye in an alley way and being woken by cats singing opera and playing old fishbones like a harp

Wednesday Sep 9 @ 09:57pm

Vivien Leigh photographed by Paul Tanqueray, 1942


Vivien Leigh photographed by Paul Tanqueray, 1942

Wednesday Sep 9 @ 08:54pm
Wednesday Sep 9 @ 08:48pm
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